Who the heck is Betty?

Betty is your remote assistant. Betty is your task manager. Betty is your virtual file cabinet. Betty is your calendar keeper, your email responder, your customer service guru, your account coordinator, your outsourced expert.

Have you been procrastinating about a project? Are there items on your to-do list that have been there for more than two weeks? Is the idea of achieving inbox zero a complete pipe dream?

You have pain points. We all do. Betty is here to alleviate those pain points and free you up to focus your energy on propelling your business to the next level without the cost of a full- or part-time employee.  Everything we do is virtual and we charge either by the hour or by the project, or we can even discuss a retainer if that model makes the most sense. Our goal is for you to view us as an investment rather than an expense.

Let’s talk about how Betty can solve your problems and relieve some of your stress so you can enjoy life!


GoGoBetty is comprised of a group of virtual assistants or ‘virtual problem solvers’.

We have about 40 years of management experience which covers a LOT of areas from the simple tasks like data entry and responding to emails on your behalf, to the complex tasks of integrating systems and creating new company processes.

Our mission is simple – we want to save you time by helping you become more efficient. And we’d like to have fun while we do that. We are professional, but we are far from boring…and we think that’s a pretty good combination.



Seriously, get that task off your plate already!