Not So Lazy Day

When asked my favorite way to spend a ‘lazy day’, I thought to myself…”Self, today you have no plans, so one might consider TODAY a lazy day”.

Here is what I’ve done so far:

  • Laundry (specifically bedding, which is my LEAST favorite kind of laundry) #tide #persil #norwex
  • Cleaned all of the vent grates in the house #blackanddecker
  • Organized June and July emails #StillHaveAboutTwoYearsToGo
  • Updated my ‘toolbox’ with sites that I want to research for my biz #anysuggestions?
  • Knocked out a VA module #HorkeyHandbook
  • Coordinated a round of #TopGolf for tomorrow with the parents
  • Watched a movie #NightCrawler
  • Paid a few bills #bummer
  • Added entries to my #debtsnowball worksheet (thanks #DaveRamsey)
  • Cracked open my blog inspiration book #piccadillyinc

Not so lazy at all, in my opinion. And it’s still early!

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